The Basics of Sustainable Living
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About us

Our community reflects a personal statement about what we value. Are we good stewards of the land? Do we care where our food comes from, that it’s free from herbicides or pesticides, and that it's flavorful and nutritious? Can we share any abundance of what we grow as a family with a neighbor? Are we incorporating exercise as a part of a healthy regimen?

These questions are about our responsibilities to self and community. No one is making us do it. It’s taking control in a world when so much of what we are about is dictated to us. It represents freedom of choice and a declaration of spirit that can be passed onto the next generation.

Essentially, Green with Indy, Llc is about organic soil management in order to grow healthy food.

We will create green jobs and encourage wealth development so that a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is within everyones reach. It's to prepare us for a reality that if we don't change and become better stewards of the land and in what we consume, our communities, our humanity are in jeopardy. The goal is to help lift up our collective spirit as a community by improving our lives through food and soil remediation.

Within this parameter, we will educate, market, promote and disseminate information to the community on everything available that promotes and supports their efforts to live healthily. This is our mission.

We've been pursuing this since 2009 and service the Central Indiana market, assisting commercial and residential customers in their pursuit to reduce their carbon foot print.

Contact us via:

Green with Indy, Llc
425 Rainbow Lane
Indianapolis, IN. 46260
info at green with Indy dot com